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Freeman Museum & Archives

The Freeman Museum & Archives is dedicated to the preservation of rare articles used by our ancestors on the way to our standard of living today. It is our desire to leave a record for our children's children to understand and learn from their ancestors.

The Freeman Museum & Archives has over 20,000 items on display, including

  • the largest privately owned exhibit of Plains Indian Artifacts on display in South Dakota.
  • pioneer buildings: an 1879 pioneer home, a re-created “summer kitchen,” a 1902 rural school house and two rural churches.
  • pioneer implements: horse-drawn cultivators, threshing machines, antique tractors, and hand tools.
  • transportation displays: 1927 biplane, antique motorcycles, trucks, automobiles, as well as horse-drawn buggies.
  • artifacts of pioneer life: tools, household items, clothing.
  • examples of daily living, commerce, and spiritual life.

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Mailing Address:

Freeman Museum & Archives
748 S. Main Street
Freeman, SD 57029


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